Peregrine's Motorsport Park - Tailem Bend SA

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Peregrine's Motorsport Park - Tailem Bend SA

Postby TomE » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:01 pm

Made the front page of the Advertiser today.

Anyone know if the project dossier is available on-line? Love to see the 250 page plan ... 7209803069

OLD AE Link : ... 489.0.html

YSS wrote: As publicised, the project has been lodged for approval. There are a number of hurdles yet but with some luck, effort and support, the project will become a reality.

Attached are the individual circuits and a brief description of each.
The track has been professionally designed and the intention has always been to build the premier motorsport facility in Australia.

1 - The National Circuit
Track Length: 4.7kms

The national circuit comprises a fast flowing and challenging configuration which will be used for the majority of circuit events at SA Motorsport Park.

2. The GT Circuit
Track Length: 7.2kms

The GT track is a world class unique circuit comprising a 1km straight and 37 turns.

3 - West Circuit
Track Length: 3.3kms
The West Circuit is one of two shorter configurations which can be run concurrently with the East circuit.
It measures 3.3kms in length and contains 12 turns.

4 - East Circuit
Track Length: 3.6kms

The East Circuit is one of two shorter configurations that can be run concurrently with the West Circuit
It measures 3.6kms in length and contains 23 turns.

Feedback is absolutely welcome privately or in forum.

Yasser Shahin

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Re: Peregrine's Motorsport Park - Tailem Bend SA

Postby TomE » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:10 pm

dkabab wrote:Might as well post my suggestions here... i'll keep it concise. If you want a longer copy, let me know.
Most of these suggestions are nothing to do with the track as such... more so the surroundings.

- Spectators

First of all, the track needs to have ample viewing locations. The main spectator stands are usually placed on the outside of corners, however not all corners should be paid for seating, general admission spectators should at least have several good viewing points and not just the straights.
I would suggest one or more manicured grassy “Hills” like at the Adelaide oval, where spectators can sit and watch the track from an elevated view point, this can be a dry zone and family friendly area. Maybe with a large screen (temporary) across from it.

- The Track

The track should generally be at a lower level to the off track section. it doesn't have to be significantly lower, but enough so spectators can see the track easier. Most of this raised track section should be on the outside of the track, you don’t really want hills in the middle. Also with a sloped side of the track, people can be 10-20 deep as opposed to 1-2 people deep on flat ground. you will find this almost everywhere on the great euro circuits like monza/spa/nurburgring etc...

- Surrounds

Lots of trees, you don’t have to plant a forest, but the more trees the better. Not sure if you’ve been to Monza and Spa or not, actually Adelaide and Melbournes f1 circuits are a decent example too, but monza and spa are by far the best examples. I would possibly contact the pine tree plantations into growing trees… it drastically lowers the temperature in summer, and will block strong winds in winter. No one wants another windy dust bowl like mallala. and it will probably make the greenies happy... a carbon neutral race track :p

- Accommodation

A campground, off the track would encourage spectators to stay there over a race weekend. This could be especially helpful if cabins are offered for race teams that want to stay there on race weekends. It would add extra revenue to the track and be more inviting for people coming over for grass roots events.

There is more but i'l leave it at that for now.

I'm going to Quote Dave's post from AE here as it is pretty much spot on for what I think a successful complex would include.

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Re: Peregrine's Motorsport Park - Tailem Bend SA

Postby Goober » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:17 pm

it will survive because the rate that Clem needs to charge will come down, its all about the return on investment, the new track will command a premium and Mallala will survive

in regards to the idiots on Adel Now, the comments are so out of left field I wonder since when did they have internet access in the psych wards.

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